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Welcome to Friskis&Svettis Partille

  • We are a non-profit organization that started in 1990.

  • Has about 125 volunteers who operate the organization – just because we want to

  • Has well-educate, licensed and approved trainers

  • Fun is what drives us and we would like to get more people to move and discover an active lifestyle while having fun!

  • Quality assures the organization every year

  • In 2016 we had over 3500 members

  • Our philosophy – Have fun!

Our idea about training while having fun is just part of your entire visit at Friskis&Svettis. When you come to us you will find the great combination of training mixed with meeting nice people and all in a pleasant environment! We know that we benefit from physical activity and also that the body benefits from varied exercise. Therefore it now feels great to be able to offer an even wider range of training that gives you more opportunity for variation, regardless of your age and level of training.

Most importantly is that you find something you like as you pick and choose among all our training activities! If you think exercise is fun you will come back – over and over again!


Our gym

Here you have a lot to choose from, regardless of experience or age. There is functional training for everyone! Machines, free weights, gear for resistance training, for cardio workout and for rehab training. We also have a circle gym facility that is always available. When you buy a gym card our personal instructors are of course available for you to help you in your workout.

You choose. For you to move on with your training you can book an instruction with a personal instructor to get started, book a follow-up instruction, ask available trainers (TI) in the gym about technique or exercises, be inspired by a trainer (IMT) or participate in theme workouts led by our trainers.

Be inspired by a trainer (IMT). IMT is an inspiring workout session and a great way for you, together with a few more people, to evolve in your training and to learn new exercises. Book in the reception or on our website.

Young in the gym. You can train in our gym from 10 years of age as long as you are together with a parent. From the age of 13 on your own.



Jympa: Frisikis&Svettis is our own unique form of exercise. It is varied, functional and the movements are easy to follow. There are different intensities and variations to choose from; Base, Middle, Intensive, Station, Family and Senior.

Spinning: Here you have the opportunity to get as tough a cardio workout as you like. The leader and the music will inspire you and you choose your own pace. It is a gentle form of exercise where you strengthen mostly your thighs and calf muscles.

Indoor walking: This is an individual and easy form of exercise and cardio workout that everyone can do. Just step up on the “walker”, grasp the handles and start walking! The whole body is engaged and you get really sweaty! The load and pace of the training can be varied during the workout.

Other classes: Cirkelfys, Cirkelgym, Core, Dans, Flex, Intervall Flex, Skivstång and Yoga.

Age limits for training

Jympa, Skivstång, Stationspass, Spinning and Indoor Walking: From 10 years of age together with a parent

Gym: From 13 years of age and from 10 years of age together with a parent.


Training passes and prices

Membership: SEK 100 /calendar year are added to all training passes.

“Allträning”: All activities including the swimming pool. Access to gym instructors.
Gym pass: Gym, Cirkelgym. Access to gym instructors.
Jympa: All our classes in the small and big hall (not classes where spinning is included, not Cirkelfys).
Spinning: Spinning classes, Combi classes where spinning is included (SkivSpin etc.), outdoor training.

All passes can be purchased for one year, six months or one month.

All our training passes are sold in the reception. You can pay by card or through the bank giro service. Friskvårdskuponger and Actiway are valid as payment.

Installment – You can choose to buy an annual pass and divide the payment over 12 months. You pay by gyroplane/direct debit. The contract is valid for 12 months (it cannot be terminated during that period) and after that you have to renew the contract if you want to have a pass for another 12 months. The membership is paid in addition every calendar year.



Teenage discount: Not yet turned 20.
Pensioner discount: Must have turned 65.
Student discount: Requires valid CSN- or Mecenat card. (Full-time student)
Junior card: From 6-12 years. Jympa Bas, Soft and Medel. Plus dance.



Your training pass is personal and cannot be lent out. Training passes cannot be refunded.

Your card is valid at Friskis & Svettis Partille (unless you have a “Regionskort”, see Passes and prices). If you have a valid training pass you can train at another club for SEK 50/time.

You can upgrade what´s included in your pass. You can´t upgrade the duration of the pass.

If you are sick you can freeze your training pass and it can be done as long as the pass is valid, at most for six months. Freezing the training pass can only be done in whole months. A medical certificate is required.

Every time you come to train, you register your card. If you lose or damage your card, tell the receptionist and you will be able to get a new card for SEK 70.


Friskis&Svettis is of course against all form of drugs. As a sports club and member of National sports association / Riksidrottsförbundet (RF) we follow the rules applicable to all sports clubs. We are “vaccinated” against drugs (according to RF, RF occasionally carries out unannounced drug tests but we can also order tests. If a member tests positive, the membership is immediately terminated for two years. The training pass will not be refunded.

Member insurance*

Everyone who trains with us has to be a member of the organization and is thereby also insured. The insurance covers accidental injury that affects the member during participation in all our training activities organized by Friskis & Svettis and it covers travel directly to and from the training.
*Not applicable for guests and day pass/pröva-på-kort.

As a member you get to represent F & S Partille in sport competitions (races etc.)

Our mission is to offer accessible and joyful training with high quality for everyone. 

If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us.


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